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"Plus Two"  Alaz Suel - DOWNLOAD HQ .mp3


I want you.
an' want them too
I got you.
an' got them too.

Bo-re-reh-bo, seekaynivo'

I'm a butter ball baby,
of emotional maybes.

I'd have, success,
if only ya paid me, (if only ya'd praise me)

Bo-re-reh-bo, seekaynivo'

Hyper-sensitive lately, (less moi tranquille)
either I- or the world's gone crazy,

Only a-few, (you)
crazy enough, to let me, love u, love me, too.

(But I'm crazy too.)

I'd have, Success.

Bo-re-reh-bo, seekaynivo'

Without two, I'm blue,
without you, I'm through.


Copyright 2007 - AlazeLLC
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