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"This is sick!"

"Circus Music, Alaz 'Oozes' over you"
-Crazy Bob

"Interesting and very IDM. Nice sounds and interesting rhythms. I particularly like "Bawdy lo free" and "Trick turner". Looking forward to the next album!"

-Lars Luthman

Alaz Suel: Paraffin Comatose
Blips and beeps. Odd changes. Like a three-year-old playing with a Moog. But practiced, structured, even if that structure is condemned and guys from the city are coming with jackhammers. It is the work of Alaz Suel, Paraffin Comatose . This album reminded me of eating vacuum lint in a dark room dressed in Telly Savalas's bedclothes. It lurches and flips, a gasping neon tetra stuck in the shag carpet. A pimply teenager spills milk on the dying fish and it turns into Anita Bryant, but who is Suel to care? He thinks binary code, talks in short flurts.

"Feels Like Time" commands the inimitable obsequious beep of the cellular phone with a Can-like finder's ethos. One can hear the influence of nearly every keyboard beater/sound collector ever to infringe our aural freedoms.
"Vesper Projector" is a cavalcade of divergent and (un?)intentionally hilarious nods to the Germans.
"Texas Steak-House Whore" contains not a reference to one. As it should be.

Look around for a man recording your farts on the bus. It might be Suel. He describes this work as "electronic/experimental" and both words could be applied with or without irony.

Listen to both albums at once and you will receive detailed instruction on how to assemble a 1944 Studebaker. They are also timed to coincide perfectly with the Renoir classic L . Atalante . They may also, in a pinch, be used as an industrial-strength floor cleaner.

Wage on with your electronic, experimental war against a world that wants three chords and a spit mist. Alaz Suel has created a vast soundscape of warring whack'em moles, a world where Timex makes the best watches and headphones are large and orange.
-Alex Neth Go-Go Magazine

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