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"Paraffin Comatose - And other fragments of manipulation"

1.Feels Like Time:
"feels like my time"

2.Bawdy Lofree:
"bawdy lo-free. bad bad be bad lo-free. da-da da-daa.
talkin in cat code.
 i'm feelin better now, strange somehow.
better now, like sex sells in moscow.
clear skin and perfect teeth.
abba-exercise, it feels so good.
dirty little christian neighborhood.
vatican #6 from east los angeles,
but i don't know, don't know.
(je fait ca, pour toi)
Its that time again."

3.Vesper Projector:
"as my rage, as everything in my life.
i'm so alone here in the dark, i wish you were here with me.
sometimes i forget. soleil.
mmm-yeah, i'm such a vesper-projector.
sparks of light ignite a fire, a fair chance is all they desire."

4.Problem #2:
"you don't know, what you do. and then problem number two.
will all, my lovers come to me.
Hold my head to their chests (lips to the breast) for sense of security.
Weave my hair into their veins, breath my air just the same."

5.Trick Turner
no lyrics

6.Sleep Well, Leah:
"beautiful leah, down there cold, leah-me-ah, do sleep well. , johnny, where are you trying to go?"

7.Corporate Business Baby:
"this one burns better, others burn the best."

no lyrics

9.Long Legs:
'blue flannel is so amusing. blue is red and red is green. but that blue flannel is so amusing. I don't, like this.'

10.Joey Was Her Name:
'joy was. joy was her name. a life unwed. thirty years old. never danced a step.
(written by pj harvey)

"i'm a cat incinerator, oooh! a cat incinerator,
i don't know what to say to myself,
i don't know myself,
i don't know what to do with myself,
don't like the smell the incinerator makes."

12.I Do This For You:
'i'd piece together my broken face, be here forever if i'd lose my place. be civil one lost in space. i'd rise above the human race. i would do this for you. be one with cancer and never leave. i'd die and die and never leave. be the fallen one amongst the dirt and leaves. i'd break away, and be at peace. i'd piece together my broken faith.

'i respect your opinion and everything sir, but i think now and then your're nothing at all sir.'

14.Paraffin Comatose:
'he said to the boiling water (don't you dare let that mother fucking water overflow)'

15.Are Nothing:
'josephine, i won't let him hurt you. you are, nothing (come to) nothing. you know, nothing. you'll die, alone.
than one way, to murder. never hated anything more, than you, in my life.
pain is nothing when i'm hating you.
dearest, josephine. yes its true, i did it, to keep those blue eyes of yours blue, for fear my josephine of losing you.

16.And What?:
(and what i'm trying, will you try with me to?)
And i've gone by...And i've run dry...And i've watched you ride by...And i release with a sigh...
And i've seen...And i sing...And i wait. still today. high
And you've known. what i've shown. And i wait. i'm still waiting today.
And your breath.. And your turn.. And your death.. was my burn. (is why i burn)
i'm still waiting today
die with me to.


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Help Me:
help me. why are you looking away? help me, don't let me die this way. help me, this blood is cold and life is dry. help me. its dark as hell i'm going to fall help me. i'm seeing red and life is getting darker, help me. i'm losing blood and all of my faith.


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